Darkness Reigns

I’ve got a thing for darkness. There’s something different that happens when the sun goes down and the lights turn on. No matter what night you go out, the lights will be different. It’s an ever changing landscape that’s just so rich. Take a look up when you’re walking in the city at night. Look to see the lights in the windows. Each window has it’s own story. I’ll be exploring the city high and low over the next few months for this project. Here’s a few from day 1.One of the problems I thought I would run into going out alone at night is getting approached, or even robbed of my camera. When I was taking this shot, ipod buds in ear, music playing, I hear this, “hello!”. I turn to my right and there’s this older homeless man watching me. He started telling me about when he had a camera, and can he see what I was shooting, etc. It was a mostly harmless encounter which ended well, as I talked to him for a little while, but it could have been much different. You have to keep an eye out, and maybe only use one earbud. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Darkness Reigns

  1. Eric Dubergh says:

    Hi James,my name is Eric Dubergh. I'm photographer from Germany /Hamburg.I love your pics Dark City. I do the same at night in Hamburg and I can understand this situation with the homeless. I had a similar situation.Good work :)happy to hear from you.Eric

  2. Ted August says:

    Just over the past several years, I’ve starting snapping away, at almost everything in sight. Recently though, found that my main interest is in night photography. As you mentioned, each and every night, does show a difference. Besides that, the day mostly shows the ugliness of a city or small town.

    I promote a little sleepy town called, Altus. Its located deep down in the southwestern corner of Oklahoma. My main concern, is the Mom & Pop kinda businesses. I don’t charge anything for my services, and it also helps to pass the time away. My images will never live up to what your now presenting and so, they are mainly for my own personal enjoyment.

    Wish you well in all that you do.

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