Evolution Revolution…

Well, I decided to kick start my “Evolution Project”. I shot this first series in 2005. It’s a fine art series that started out based on a contrast of Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory vs. Adam and Eve(Bible version). Click to see larger versions(for all images below).

This is my version of “Darwin’s Evolution”….Darwin’s classic monkey develops into man theory.

This is the 4th image in the Adam and Eve series, “Original Sin”, where Eve finally gets Adam to eat the forbidden fruit. The funny thing is in this case, art imitates life, where many times, man’s spouses get them to do what they will…when they will it…hahahaha…but I digress…

Closeup on the 3rd image in the series of the Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory. I loved the halting motion of this image. The hair also gave it a life and energy which I enjoyed.

This is a print from the second step in the series. What I loved about this image is the unbridled primal energy that she is exuding. This is EXACTLY what I wanted out of this series. I wanted to recreate the primal nature of man as we were thousands and millions of years ago. Back then the rules were survival of the fittest and “Last man standing”.

So…that was October 2005. I had a show in Jersey City at Rikki Reich’s “The Studio” and had a great showing of the work. It got a little press(below)

So fast forward to 2008. I’ve started up the project again. The project covers men and women of all races. The beauty of the mud is that it shows everyone as the same, as God intended it before man put his prejudices into the world.

I want to convey the range of primal emotions and energy that mankind has. Man has historically been a very aggressive species. I want those inner emotions to come out on film. The images from this are very strong and visceral(see contact sheets below). That primal strength and emotion is shown here in it’s dark beauty.So….I have started the project anew. I’ll be adding to the project more frequently now. Check back often to see more updates…feel free to comment.

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