Real People Rock.

I shot these for a pharmaceutical company recently.  It was a full day, shooting non-stop, but some great stuff came out of it.  Some of the personalities here just cracked me up.  I had a blast putting this together.  The kids were a lot of fun to work with.  I had to shoot everyone normal, then act like they had sinus pain, then act like they were “healed”…all better.    It made for some fun groupings.  Some of their expressions were just priceless.   To see them all you can go to my site here:

Click on the images to see them larger.This kid was my favorite in his, United Colors of Benetton shirt.  He’s a GAP ad waiting to happen.

This one was quite the little actress.  She’s going to do well.

I loved how this one went from zero to anguish in 2 seconds…lol.

Loved the devilish look in the middle and the mind meld thing happening on the right. 🙂

What more can you say, we’ve all felt like this before. lol.

Ok, he was giving me, “I’ve got to pee”…not quite what I was looking for, but he still gets the cutest kid award.

I think he just wanted to go home, but you know what.  That’s ok.

Just awesome.

Future CEO of something…just you wait.

Justin Bieber Lookalike 1

Justin Bieber Lookalike 2.  Total ball of energy…I’m sure Mom knows all about that…lol.

Mark Zuckerberg Lookalike

Loved this one’s energy.  I think he was shot and done in under 2 minutes.

He was too funny.  He walks up to me, shakes my hand, and says, “I’m Jaden.  Like Jaden Smith.  I’ve been in a movie too!”…and proceeds to be professionally cute on camera.  Awesomeness.

She was great.  She had that hair in her face and didn’t even try to move it out of the way.  She knew it made her look more miserable.   You know she’s pulled this routine on her parents before getting out of school.  Very believable. 🙂

Ok, not great in the anguish department, but very cute.

This one rocked the house.  Pain, anguish…Genius.  One of my favorites.

Not to be outdone, the competition arrives! 😉

He was a pro…great stuff.

Great smile.

Probably the best actor there.  Great stuff.  Can you believe he’s 18?  Thought he was shooting for our younger category.

I was actually a little worried here.  Thought he was choking for a second there.  He was pretty good.

Beautifully miserable…

He should try out for “The Office”.  He’d be a shoe-in.

Not sure what he’s giving me here, but I kinda dig it.

I’m seeing a Miley Cirus Love interest part in his future.

She was great.  Smile to anguish in seconds. 🙂

A lot of shooting, but all in all, a great day.  Loved all of the varied people and pulling these expressions out of them.  You can see more of them on my site at:


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One thought on “Real People Rock.

  1. punchartistsinc says:

    Awsome! Absolutely love it. Shows a different side of you. Keep up the great work!


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