James got his start with a black and white photography class in college, and that changed his trajectory forever. After that, he joined the Navy to be a photographer. He was stationed in Misawa, Japan for three years. After learning to drive on the wrong side of the road, James was off exploring the countryside shooting and hiking through Japan. His time in Japan was wonderful, but he was offered another set of good orders, to Kaneohe Bay Hawaii with the VP-4 Skinny Dragons(P-3 Reconnaissance Squadron). Better weather, gorgeous hikes, and learning to golf were on the menu in Hawaii. Although the service was wonderful, James wanted to get out and start his own photography business. So he made plans to get out and head to New York City…

Since setting up shop in New York, James has enjoyed working with some of the best hair, makeup, and wardrobe/set stylists for his men’s/women’s fashion, beauty, and still life.

His short time goal is to publish a coffee table book of his “Evolution” work and continue working on the “Dark City” project. They’re both evolving personal projects.

His long term goal is to continue working with wonderful talent on fun projects that move the needle on creativity and scale.


Men’s and Women’s Fashion, Beauty, Still Life


One thought on “About

  1. April Kimm says:

    Hello James,

    Wow what a time in your life! You seem to be doing well though. Wish I would have known more about this. Happy your are back!! Your site looks wonderful.

    April xo

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