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South Street Men’s Editorial

I had a great men’s shoot recently downtown around the South Street Seaport.  We had a fantastic day and a great crew.  Here are some of the results…

Styling:  Roy Fire
Men’s Grooming:   Kim Weber
Van Driver:  Kim Weber…Kim always rocks out here…she has NO trouble driving in New York City…lol.  Never drive in Soho though, those cobblestones will kill you.
Model:  Kyle Ledeboer

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News Flash – Behind the Scenes Video and Shoot

News Flash is a women’s story I did for Florida International Magazine for their September 2008 issue. I thought it would be nice to document the shoot for a behind the scenes look…

The Crew:
James Weber, Photographer
David Widjaja, Stylist
Kim Weber, Makeup
Miki Mori, Hair
Chris Miggles, Assistant/Set Design
Jason Koontz, Video

I’d like to thank Jason Koontz for his work on this piece. http://www.jasonkoontz.com. He did an amazing job videotaping and editing this for me.

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