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Fashion Night Out

Ok, another post that’s taken me a while to get around to…four months or so, but who’s counting. ūüėȬ† Had a great shoot in and around the High Line and the Meat Packing District.¬† It’s one of the few areas in New York that still have the old cobblestone streets.¬† Only a few years ago, meat packing was a rough place and stank to high hell with all of the meat packing plants there.¬† Now, most of the plants are closed, and the district has become the next big shopping mecca, but it still has the look that I wanted…

So we started hair and makeup around 4pm at my studio…thinking we’d leave for the 1st look around 6:30pm.¬† Well, I think we got in the location van about 7:30…a little behind as I wanted to get more of the twilight, but you roll with the changes.¬† We got everyone in the location van and took off.¬† We started off on the High Line, which was surprisingly fine with a crew of people setting up shop and shooting.¬† I was concerned that the people working for the High Line would take issue with people shooting there.¬† As I thought, however, it goes back to the principle of, “If you aren’t preventing people from moving through an area and your crew is fluid and can move where it needs to, you’re ok”.¬† The rules of, can you shoot in New York with or without a permit, only really apply if you want to stop traffic or block a street from pedestrians from coming through your set.¬† If you’re fluid, you’re generally good.

We shot this while we had a guard coming over to us and saying, nicely, “10 minutes to closing”…which was nice of them.¬† They didn’t have any issue with us shooting there, they just wanted us out on time.

So we headed out on the street, I believe this is Gansevoort St…with the Gansevoort Hotel in the background.¬† I’m a huge fan of mixing strobe and ambient light, be it outside in full daylight or, as in this shot, using the city lights at night as the ambient.¬† Time exposure, around 1-2 seconds + Beauty dish strobe.

Here we are taking a break at our location van/changing station…

Onto the next shot…

This one was difficult.¬† I was walking back with the model, still at about 1 sec exposure, and had my assistant James walking back as well with the strobe, trying to keep the distance the same so the exposure is good.¬† We did this eight or nine times and I ended up liking two images.¬† So this is two of the individual images put together in post.¬† Other than that, there’s not much done to them.¬† All of the blurring and colors were done in camera.

Loved the storefront from Christian Louboutin and the colors it gave off on the model.

I liked the way the red dress and stockings were set off from the blue/silver background.¬† Also another image put together in post from two single vertical shots.¬† This wasn’t an easy thing to do.¬† La Boutique Creative Retouching did a great job making it look seamless.

Now onto our last and most traumatic look.¬†¬† It was 2am and we were all tired.¬† Maria’s ponytail was so tight it was becoming painful.¬† We were all happy that David and Moani had packed up the car and moved it down the street to the end of 27th and the west side highway.¬† We were ready to go once the look was done.¬† They then came to join us while we finished up the last look.¬† The look itself was easy and done in 20 minutes.

We were maybe a 5 minute walk from the location van.¬†¬† We finished up and started walking back.¬† We got back to where we had parked the location van….

and it was gone…

So there we were, staring at each other…mildly freaking out.¬† We were only gone 15 minutes, which means someone was watching and waiting for us to leave.¬† The only question is…stolen, or towed??¬† I looked at a sign on the wall and it looks like we were in a tow-zone at night.¬† Moani, the clear headed thinker that she is, knew about the Tow Yard around 30th and the West Side Highway.¬† We took off in a cab to the tow yard…

So while I’m in line checking to see if the tow yard had it, Moani took a little video to capture the moment…did they have it or was it stolen???

So, yes, they had it and it took another hour and a half, plus tickets and fees to get our lives back…clothes, camera equipment, etc…which was about 3:30am.¬† It ended well, but not without a dramatic flair. ūüôā¬† Thanks again to my wonderful crew who put up with a late start and even LATER finish…

THE Crew:

Photography by James Weber, www.jamesweberstudio.com
Styled by David Widjaja, www.introartists.com
Makeup by Moani Lee, www.moanilee.com
Hair by Nelson Vercher, www.utopianyc.com
Model:  Maria Beljanina, www.majormodel.com
Photographic Assistance:  James Sullivan, www.1prophoto.com
Retouching:  La Boutique Creative Retouching, www.laboutiqueny.com

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