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The Leukemia Needs Foundation is LAUNCHED!!

For a few months now, myself and Dr. Patrick Fullerton have been working on getting this foundation ready so we can start making a real difference in the lives of Leukemia patients.  Here’s the web address that you can visit to sign up and view what the foundation is about and events that are planned:

Our first event is going to be an art auction on May 5th.  That day is special to me as it’s the one year anniversary of my successful bone marrow transplant.  We’ll be auctioning off art by some amazing photographers and painters.  Click here for more details:  Art for the Cause

I’m really excited about the prospect that I can start giving back as a cancer survivor. 

Below is our Mission and who we intent to help:
The Leukemia Needs Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Foundation created to financially assist leukemia patients while acutely hospitalized.  The Foundation was created by James Weber and Dr. Patrick Fullerton
During the acute phase of the cancer, many patients are unable to meet their financial obligations due to the inability to work, as it was for founding member, James Weber.  He was hospitalized for 45 days, and out of work for 90 days.  During that time, he had to rely on his family to help with his, “Life Bills”.  His medical coverage was 100%, but that won’t pay rent or any other bill while out of work.

The Leukemia Needs Foundation was created for exactly this purpose, to directly fund the leukemia patient so they can meet these obligations while hospitalized. The foundation was creation to fulfill these important needs by its co-founders, Mr. James Weber and Dr. Patrick Fullerton. The company headquarters are located at 607 Prairie Lake Dr. Casselberry, FL 32730.

Our goal is to raise money so that grants(amount based on need) can be made to leukemia patients that are in need.  It’s very hard to focus on getting healthy when your financial life is crumbling around you.

Right now, we are focusing on Memorial Sloan Kettering as the 1st hospital that we’re putting into our network.  Hopefully, our Fund Raising efforts will pay off and we can expand to more hospitals around the country.

I’m hoping to mobilize as many people as possible for the cause.  I invite all of you to check out the site and sign up.  Feel free to pass this blog post along to your facebook and twitter pages.  I’m looking to get it out there as fast and as wide as possible.  Thanks for listening and I hope to see you as a member of the Leukemia Needs Foundation!!


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Welcome to my random visual musings. I’ll be posting up new and old work, random shots and projects that may not make it to my website that interest me.

About Me: I got started in photography by joining the U.S. Navy in March of 1994 to be a Navy Photographer. I went into the recruiter’s office and said, here’s the deal. Get me the photography job or that’s it. I don’t want to do anything else in the Navy. Call me if it comes up. Well…three months later they called, and I left for bootcamp in Orlando, FL two weeks later. After bootcamp, I was sent to the Defense Photography School in Pensacola, FL. I was given my choice of orders and chose Misawa, Japan as my first duty station. I had three wonderful years in Japan. Many of those experiences I’m going to share with you here, but there’s sooo much scanning I have to do. I shot everything on film or chrome then, so that’s one of my projects. As I get the work scanned in, I’ll share it here.

At the end of my tour in Japan, they said I could do two more years in Japan, or sign for another year and a half and go to Hawaii. There really was no choice but to go to Hawaii for three years. Another amazing time, once more documented on film(scanning, scanning, scanning)…so there will be more to come from this period as well.

So then a friend of mine convinced me to come to New York and go be a starving artist there. I figured that was a good a place as any to start the starving process, so I packed my bags I went to NYC. Eight years and a bunch of ramen noodles later, I’ve survived and started a nice photography business here in NY. So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and taking a glimpse through my lens.