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Black & White Beauty


Most of us ascribe current beauty images with beautiful full color images.  Let’s be honest, though…most of these images are ridiculously retouched for most of the major ads.  In terms of what “sells” in the beauty world, it’s all color.   I’ve personally been told that black and white beauty images don’t sell.   What’s the point in creating or showing work that shouldn’t sell??  Well, maybe because I like it and who the #$%@ cares.  At some point in your life you have to create images for yourself regardless of  what other people tell you is right or appropriate.   I like the feel of a beautifully crafted black and white image.  I breaks it down to just the essence of the photograph.  Light, Shape, and Form.  In any case, I’ve been shooting some images recently and have been compiling a series of them that I think really take shape in the black and white environment.  Here are a few of them…

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Parvati Lifestyle

I Would like to share a a few images from my recent work with ParvatiNYC.  They wanted to update their site with new and fresh beauty images that more reflected their brand than the black and white shots they were using on their site previously.  I highly recommend their work if you ever are in the need for threading/waxing, etc…and you’re in mid-town manhattan.  See Parv or Paula and they’ll take care of you…

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